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We're big music fans! To get our creative juices flowing, the LOST FORMAT Apparel studio always has the latest and greatest music playing in the background. Here are our top picks for this fall. Enjoy!

#6 Wolf Parade, Cry Cry Cry

One of our favorite bands is back! Cry Cry Cry is classic Wolf Parade. It’s epic, sweeping and anthemic - and like the title suggests, it’s got all the feels. Song Pick: Flies On The Sun

#5 Beck, Colors

Colorsis everything we love about early Beck. Cheeky, dance-able music that we can’t really categorize. 90’s Beck, two decades later. Song Pick: Seventh Heaven





#4 The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful

This is the strongest Killers' album we've heard in a long time. Bombastic, glam rock at it’s very best. Song Pick: Tyson Vs. Douglas





#3 The Midnight, Nocturnal

You know all our 80’s inspired t-shirt designs? We were probably listening to one of our favorite Retrowave bands when they were conceived, and admiring their cover art. This new albumglistens. Song Pick: Collateral 




#2 Rostam, Half-Light

We want to go on the record and say that this album is transcendent. It’s as if an angel is singing to you in a hushed tones as you run through a field full of strange flowers. Don’t believe us? Just listen to this song. Song Pick: Sumer



#1 The War On Drugs, A Deeper Understanding

Everyone at LOST FORMAT has their own unique taste in music, from synthwave to country. So when an album comes out thateveryonecan agree on… you know you’ve come across a true masterpiece. That’s all we’re gonna say about it. Have a listen. Song Pick: Nothing To Find


What are you listening to this fall? We're always taking new recommendations. Comment below!



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