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We at LOST FORMAT love the 80's, as you can tell by our t-shirt designs. That's why Stranger Things is one of our favorite shows! Here are over a dozen 80's details we noticed, in the first episode alone.


#1 Reagan Bush '84 Sign



We know who Mike's parents' voted for! The Henderson household, on the other hand, supported the Mondale Ferraro ticket, as you can tell by their lawn sign. You can catch a glimpse of it as Dustin rides his bike back to his house.


#2 Classic Arcade Games



Dig Dug, Pacman + Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Dragon's Lair, Missile Command... they're all there. Dig Dug is featured in this episode, as the boys learn that someone named MadMax holds the highest score, much to their dismay.


#3 Vintage Cheetos Bag



What else is there to say? Kid's eating out of a vintage Cheetos bag.


#4 Baby Fae's Baboon Heart



In this brief shot of the town's newspaper, the headline "Baby Fae's Baboon Heart" references the first-ever xenotransplant procedure on an infant, performed in October of 1984.


#5 The Terminator Playing At the Hawk Theater


Another pivotal moment in history occurred in October of '84. The first Terminator movie was released in theaters! 


#6 New Guy's Chevy Camaro



The whole scene is 80's perfection. A classic Chevy Camaro roar into town, complete with a vintage California license plate. Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane" plays in the background, as the new guy steps out in double-denim and a teased mullet.


#7 Vintage KFC Bucket



Wonder who sponsored this episode. This scene is a little shameless, with Steve declaring that tonight's meal with Barb's family is "finger lickin' good." Nevertheless, it's kind of cool to see these old-school buckets.


 #8 Family Video VHS Case



Complete with a Mr. Mom reference. Which is an awesome movie, don't let Jonathan or Will tell you otherwise.


#9 JVC Camcorder



The date is a nice touch, but it's the accurate video quality that puts the JVC video camera on our list.


#10 Pee-Chee Folders



 Excuse us. The "Pee-Chee All Season Portfolios," as they were officially called, aren't even featured prominently in these shots. Just goes to show that the show's creators really went above and beyond in creating an authentic 80's experience.

#11 Trapper Keeper



It says Trapper Keeper on the side. Enough said.


#12 and #13 Katherine Sullivan, First Woman In Space



This 80's detail may be a two-fer. In this shot, the News From Space display reads "Extra! Extra!! First Woman Walks In Space!!! Kathryn D. Sullivan Oct 11, 1984." This is a mistake. She was the first American woman to walk in space. The first woman to walk in space was actually Svetlana Savitskaya of the former Soviet Union. But since the U.S. and the Soviet Union were in the midst of a heated Space Race, maybe the science teacher was trying to elevate Sullivan's accomplishments, as was common at the time. 


Did we miss anything? Were there any other awesome 80's details we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments!

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