July 23, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

As we brainstormed a name for our company, we kept one thing in mind - our mission to inspire others. And just like our clothes, the name LOST FORMAT Apparel Co. was a perfect fit.


A lot of fashion trends are throwbacks to other decades. As geeks, we love this! The two of us bonded over a shared appreciation for everything old and awesome, be it 80's pop culture, vintage cameras, or classic cars and motorcycles. Since we're also professionals, we wanted our clothing designs to be simple, stylish, andnostalgic for the decade we were born... the Awesome 80's! 

But while our design inspiration may change, our love for the past will always drive our creative direction.


The name LOST FORMAT also refers to re-discovering yourself and your true purpose. Uncovering a hidden strength you'd forgotten, or never realized you had. Finding an actual space - a neighborhood, like-minded community, or circle of friends - where you truly belong.

LOST FORMAT is the perfect name for our company, because it describes the journey we hope to go on with our friends, our employees, our customers, and our community. It's an ongoing re-discovery of what we, as adults, sometimes think is lost to us.

For every item of clothing purchased, LOST FORMAT Apparel Co. promises to donate an item of clothing to a homeless charity. Please join us in making the world a stronger and more inclusive place, where we can continue grow into who we always were... and help our homeless neighbors on that journey too!

Don't be a stranger!