July 31, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Our last blog post was about the story behind our name - LOST FORMAT Apparel Co. - and how 80's nostalgia plays a huge role in our brand. 

It’s more than just the movies, the toys, the fashion and the music of our youth. It’s also about the artistic spirit of the decade. Take 80's computer and video game graphics, for example (it's one of our biggest inspirations). The use of color and dimension was limited by the capabilities of computers at that time. Yet these constraints lead to genius alternatives for creating dynamic shapes and colors - like pixel art!

This is a metaphor for our vision. No matter what your limitations are, you CAN do anything.

The Future Is Mixed

It’s an exciting time to design clothes for the "average" person- because we don't know anyone who can be described as average.

As founders of an apparel startup, we're sometimes asked to identify our target demographic. But the preferences, identities and lifestyles of our friends and customers can't be categorized.

There’s a demand for looks that are modern yet nostalgic, vintage yet cutting-edge. Even categories like generation and gender are becoming blurred. What's the real difference between a millennial or a Gen Y-er? Who can say what men are supposed to wear, as opposed to women?

Diversity is what informs our design approach: Make clothes that everyone can wear in their own unique way.

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