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Ernie has had a lot of good ideas.  Like the time he gave his wife the best surprise birthday gift ever.  Or the time he convinced Chad and me to “double it” on my birthday challenge to get on Pho’s Spicier Thai “Spicy Wall of Fame.”  Maybe he just has a knack for birthdays. But every once in a while, he has a truly great idea.  Co-founding Lost Format is near the top.  Co-branding Lost Format is a close second.  

Chad and Ernie had always envisioned doing special collaborations with artists, musicians, or events.  In a one-off project, Lost Format would design/provide the gear, and the artist/musician would bring the crowd.  Fans get a limited edition shirt, the artist and Lost Format would share some of the profit, and the rest goes back to the homeless community.  A win for everyone involved. We liked that. And given our first go with the awesome retrowave group The Midnight, everyone else did too.  

Then we put two and two together, and perhaps not so surprisingly, it equaled five.  Because we realized that these collaborations didn’t need to be just one-offs, they could be so much more.  By developing true long-term partnerships, we’re able to amplify our mission of helping solve homelessness on a broader scale.  Now, companies, organizations, groups, and individuals can co-brand with us. They can spread their message and brand using our top-line, eco-friendly apparel.  We get to put our mark on a brand that reaches a larger audience. Together, we proudly show our commitment to addressing homelessness. It’s a win for our partners, a win for their customers, a win for us, and most importantly, a win for the homeless community.

In our infallible opinion, corporate social responsibility is an opportunity, not an obligation.  We’re making it easy, sustainable, and meaningful - the way it should be. Just one more way we’re changing the face of consumerism.  Every purchase is a promise, every choice is a change. We look forward to sharing news about the partnerships established and those in progress...stay tuned!

Your dude,


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