March 30, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Spring has sprung, and Lost Format has too.  From the dismal Chicago cold, we have emerged like cheerful little snapdragons, hungry to bring you fresh styles with our even fresher mission of addressing homelessness.   Socially conscious clothing, baby.  Come get some!

The spring showers have also nurtured the seeds we have sewn (<- ha!), growing our team a whopping 50%!  Practically speaking this just means one more person, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

Meet Christmas, our new CCC – Captain o’ Copy/Content.  Christmas has always fancied himself something of a writer, between doing his college comic strip Squirrelham, weekly column WAM! (Weekly Awesome Matchup), various blogs and some truly life-changing Facebook posts.  If you see some text on the site and you like it, it’s probably Christmas’ work. If you see some text on the site and you don’t like it, it’s totally not his, and how could you think such a thing?!

We’re proud to have him, just as we’re proud to have you as a customer.  We’re all in this mission together, and together we are changing the world.


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