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Halloween season is upon us, and we at LOST FORMAT Apparel Co. wanted to share our favorite horror movies. Whether creepy, campy, or downright grisly - all are perfect for a weekend-long movie marathon. In no particular order:


1.) The Exorcist (1973)

Let’s just get this one out of the way, shall we? Over four decades later, and no matter how many times we rewatch it, The Exorcist still keeps us awake at night.

2.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

It’s hard to believe this gruesome movie was made over 40 years ago! We feel kind of bad posting the trailer, it’s so lurid.



3.) Event Horizon (1997)

The trailer for this sci-fi horror (heavy on the horror) gives no indication of how completely messed up it is. Which is why Ernie saw it alone when he was 14, and was subsequently scarred for life.

4.) Let The Right One In

Danish original or American remake, doesn’t matter. It’s  the  vampire movie of the decade.

5.) The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Even those of us who knew the film was fictional were scared out of our minds. Leaving most of the horrifying imagery to the imagination, it’s still  terrifying AF.

6.) The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The books, the film franchise, the television show. We love all things Hannibal Lecter, but The Silence of the Lambs still stands out as one of the most chilling, thrilling and iconic cinematic events.

7.) Evil Dead II (1987)

The sequel is even more over-the-top than the original (which is saying a lot). It’s also the film where our beloved, manly hero Ash truly comes into his own. Groovy!

8.) Get Out (2017)

Released this year, it is already a horror classic. A true game changer within the genre, Get Out is what every woke horror fan has been clamoring for.

9.) Funny Games (1997)

Director Michael Haneke is known for torturing his audience, and we love him for that. Stick with the original Austrian film, not the pointless remake.

10.) Cabin In the Woods (2012)

Anyone who loves horror movies  loves  this lively homage to the genre and its monstrous origins in cosmic horror.

Honorable Mentions

Ravenous (1999)

Our company has a couple hardline Ravenous fans who WILL force you to watch it with them, Clockwork Orange-style. Understandably, this has caused some division. One co-worker said they would’ve enjoyed the movie had they not been under duress.

But seriously, this black comedy about cannibalism is the best - you hear us?? THE BEST!!!

It (2017)


This is a recent release, so only time will tell if the It remake is as scary as Ernie claims it is. He saw it two weeks ago, and still can’t go to sleep at night. A grown-ass man. When asked why it was so terrifying, all he could say was “I don’t know what to say. I’m permanently damaged.” Okay.

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