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Fact #1: Blind taste tests of random foods are fun. Fact #2: Showing up to work greeted by a box of free donuts is AWESOME.

Hence, this blind taste test of Dunkin Donuts' seasonal menu items - rated from worst to best by all of us at LOST FORMAT Apparel Co. You're welcome.


#8 Pumpkin Latte

The worst Dunkin has to offer isn't even a donut. It doesn't even taste like pumpkin anything, only molten sugar. Liquid diabetes. As one participant put it, "I am upset I put that in my mouth."

#7 Full Moon Donut 

Eating this blind-folded makes all the difference. Don't think for a second that because it looks like a donut that it is one. The cream hits your palate like cold, flavorless slime, and the orange powder tastes like absolutely nothing. To top it all off, the dough itself is- dare we say it- SALTY. SERIOUSLY, WHY IS IT SALTY?!

#6 Ghoulish Glazed Donut

There's nothing interesting about this donut. It does the thing that donuts do, which is waste calories.

#5 Pumpkin Muffin a.k.a. Nature's Enigma

All of us were confused by the the texture of this muffin. It was both dry and moist at the same time. We would ask you to find out for yourself, but it just wasn't that good of a muffin. 

#4 Ghoulish Glazed Munchkins

Similar to the boring Ghoulish Glazed Donut, except It's in the shape of a tiny ball, which makes it glazed on all sides. The result? Instant gratification.

#3 Boston Scream Donut

This donut is far superior to its cream-filled counterpart- the Full Moon donut - because at least this donut is sweet and not salty. 

#2 Spider Donut

Topped with frosting, it has the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy your craving. Plus it's got a chocolate-glazed Munchkin in the middle of it! Doubly rewarding.


TIED FOR #1 : Spooky Sprinkles, Purple Potion, and Scary Strawberry

(Chocolate Frosted, Vanilla Frosted, and Strawberry Frosted)

Regardless of the subtle differences in frosting flavors, each of these donuts were crowd-pleasers. When you walk into a Dunkin, these are the donuts you hope you end up. Solid frosted donut with sprinkles: nothing more, nothing less. 



EXTRA: Our Co-Founder's Caffeinated Sludge, In A Menard's Mug - 0

We slipped in co-founder Chad's notoriously thick and oily French-pressed coffee to see how he would objectively rate his own brew.

"This is really average coffee. Judging by the quiet laughter, probably my coffee. I feel like this is not Dunkin Donuts. I give it a 0."


There you have it, folks! Out of all the "seasonal" items Dunkin Donuts has to offer, the tried-and-trued Frosted Donuts are superior to all the rest. Which is good news for us, since they're available year-round! 


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