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If you haven't joined us on Twitter, get on over! 

Two weeks ago, we took part in a Twitter Town Hall hosted by our friends at La Casa Norte. The purpose was to brainstorm solutions that will end homelessness once and for all! Here's how it's done:


#1 Break The Stigma

When we think about the word "homelessness," most of us draw up an image of folks who are chronically homeless. Don't get us wrong, they need and deserve every resource in the world! But homelessness also includes people who are temporarily displaced, and those who experience food and housing insecurity.

If you've ever struggled to pay your rent or mortgage, medical bills, or student loans, then you know what housing insecurity feels like. That means you also have a story to tell. It's up to us to share our own stories without shame, and listen to the stories of others without judgment. Breaking the silence on homelessness begins with us!


#2 Share Your Community

We've got one thing to say about gentrification and displacement: Our favorite neighborhoods in the city are also the most diverse. You couldn't pay us to live in a neighborhood where everyone is the same. F**k that.

We believe that living next to people who are different than us is always a benefit. When everyone is welcomed to share in our neighborhood spaces, our neighborhoods are strengthened not weakened. Our neighborhoods become more desirable to live in, work in, shop in - not less. 

Whether you're a longtime resident or just moved into the neighborhood... whether you've got a comfortable roof over your head or you're confronting homelessness... we all can and should live alongside each other without being assholes. That's democracy!


#3 Prevention 

People with lower incomes need access to housing assistance, SNAP, no-cost daycare, adult education opportunities, and healthcare - including mental health services! When given these resources, they and their families are less likely to experience homelessness.

Sometimes it's hard to convince people of the important of social welfare, but it's a game-changer for people who are working hard but don't get paid as much. The benefits of these preventative resources are why LOST FORMAT is going beyond one-for-one donations. We want to create real employment and personal development opportunities for those confronting homelessness so they can keep that roof over their head!


#4 Dream Big

When we think about what it means to end homelessness, we at LOST FORMAT try to think BIG. For us, the End of Homelessness is the Start of Something Great. When that burden is lifted, people can move on to bigger and better things.Everyone will have the opportunity to do the things in their life that fulfills them - which makes this great country of ours even more awesome!

A world without homelessness is the best world ever, pretty much. 

The LOST FORMAT mission is simple. For every product sold, we donate an essential item to a homeless charity. Every time our company expands, so do our support services for our homeless neighbors and employees. Join us today!

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