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2017 was a great year for Lost Format Apparel Co. It was the year we devised a new business model that would help people confronting homelessness in our community. We’ve accomplished so much in such a short span of time, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our friends, neighbors and other homeless advocates.

Since it's New Year's Eve, we asked three members of the Lost Format Apparel team what their resolutions are - for Lost Format, and for themselves!



My resolution this year is to focus more on my personal creative projects, including writing. It’ll require better time management on my part (and fearlessness, since I hate showing people what I write!) but I’m ready.

As for Lost Format, I want to keep spreading the word about the company and the innovative ways it’s helping people!




My resolution is to spend less and use what I already have more. I love to beta test and review new tech as it comes out. This year, though, I’m going to hold off until other people post their reviews and then sleep on it.  Really consider if I need this new shiny thing (newsflash: I don't!) 

My goals for the company are many! One of the biggest ones is opening up a distribution center/storefront. That way we can start employing some of our homeless neighbors, and help them get back on their feet.



My resolution is to minimize. This month, I’m going to donate and recycle a lot of unnecessary stuff around my house.

I think once my house is de-cluttered, the creative part of my brain will be too. My Lost Format goal is to keep coming up with new, fresh designs that people can be excited about.

If you’ve got similar goals as Chad, take a look at our Lost Format Apparel Donation Checklist. It’s a perfect way to kickstart your efforts to minimize!


What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us in the comments! Good luck everyone, and cheers to a bright + transformative New Year!

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